Ad Hoc Singers Photo Albums


NetSnapShot  AtPic  AtPic   Autumn Airs concert rehearsals at Trinity United Methodist Church, Nov 23/24, 2002
NetSnapShot  AtPic   Goodwin House, May 7, 2003 (only 2 shots)
NetSnapShot  AtPic   Dominican Retreat's annual fundraiser, Sunday, June 27, 2004
NetSnapShot  AtPic   Nancy Mulenex Memorial Service, July 25, 2004


NetSnapShot  AtPic   Water Music on Lake Barcroft, June 1, 2002
NetSnapShot  AtPic   Julie's Baby Shower, April 30, 2003
NetSnapShot  AtPic   Water Music on Lake Barcroft, June 8, 2003
NetSnapShot  AtPic   Shore Music at the Occoquan River, June 12, 2004
NetSnapShot  AtPic   Water Music on Lake Barcroft, May 28, 2005
AtPic   At T.G.I. Friday's after singing at the Hermitage, December 12, 2007


Helen and Beth K (and a colobus monkey) at the Kiambethu Tea Farm in Nairobi, Kenya, August 14, 2009 [web site]

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One of's servers had a disk crash Aug 2011 and has lost all my photos. This is the 2nd time atpic has lost all my photos. I'm looking for a new hosting site.... [Sep 2011: Just noticed that's gone belly-up too.]


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