"Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors"

4701 Arlington Blvd.
Arlington, VA 22203

Arlington Forest United Methodist Church
Second Sunday of Easter
April 7, 201311:00 a.m.
+ Entrance +
PreludeMs. Louise Lee
**Hymn #315"Come, Ye Faithful, Raise the Strain"
**Opening Prayer
Pastor's Time with the Young People
+ Proclamation and Response +
Prayer for Illumination (Unison)
Lord, open our hearts and minds by the power of your
Holy Spirit, that, as the Scriptures are read and your
word proclaimed, we may hear with joy what you
say to us today. Amen.
New Testament Lesson:

Acts 5:27-32

This is the Word of the Lord
Thanks be to God
pp. 951-952

Anthem"Sing to the Lord"Arr. Parker
Message"Letter from Jerusalem Jail"Pastor Mike
**Hymn #2160"Into My Heart"
Prayers for Others
Choral Response"Amen"Brahms
Invitation to the Table
Confession and Pardon #12
**The Peace
Offertory"Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow"Arr. Barlowe
**Doxology #95
The Great Thanksgiving #13
The Lord's Prayer #895
Giving the Bread and Cup
+ Sending Forth +
**Hymn #261"Lord of the Dance"
Choral Benediction"Hallelujah"Bach
PostludeMs. Louise Lee
**You are invited to stand for these acts of Worship.

Today's Anthem is an arrangement of Isaac Watts "Sing to the Lord"
by Alice Parker, Tune: "Dunlap's Creek"

HYMN 62: "Sing to the Lord, Ye Heavenly Hosts"
Author: Isaac Watts
God the thunderer; or,
The last judgment and hell. *

Sing to the Lord, ye heav'nly hosts,
And thou, O earth, adore;
Let death and hell through all their coasts
Stand trembling at his power.

His sounding chariot shakes the sky,
He makes the clouds his throne;
There all his stores of lightning lie,
Till vengeance darts them down.

His nostrils breathe out fiery streams
And from his awful tongue
A sovereign voice divides the flames,
And thunder roars along.

Think, O my soul! the dreadful day,
When this incensed God
Shall rend the sky, and burn the sea,
And fling his wrath abroad.

What shall the wretch the sinner do?
He once defied the Lord;
But he shall dread the Thund'rer now,
And sink beneath his word.

Tempests of angry fire shall roll
To blast the rebel worm,
And beat upon his naked soul
In one eternal storm.

* Made in a great sudden storm of thunder, August 20, 1697.

Welcome to Arlington Forest United Methodist Church. We are a church for all of God's children. We are glad that you are here. To become a member of the church please speak to the Pastor. Children are Welcome in worship and a nursery is provided for toddlers (3 years old and younger).

Please use the yellow card in the pews to register your attendance. Indicate on the back of the card if you served Christ in the community/world this week, such as delivering meals on wheels, visiting someone in the hospital or nursing home, worked at AFAC or ASPAN, volunteered at a school etc. You may also write prayer concerns on the back of the yellow attendance card. Place it in the offering plate during the offering.

Acolyte: Maia Goss

Guest Choir: Ad Hoc Singers, directed by Ms. Louise Lee

Organist/Pianist: Louise Lee

Reader: Carol Olander

Ushers: Hank Riley, Alfred Merida

Host After Church Fellowship: Carol Olander

Visit our Church Website at We are also on Facebook and twitter. Pictures have been posted on Facebook at Please check that you like our Facebook page.

Pray for Bishop Cho, Rev. Tony Layman, our District Superintendent, the Annual Conference and our church every day.

There will be a funeral service for Charles S. Cox, Jr., here on Monday, April 8th at 10 a.m. He was a member of AFUMC, joining the church on April 2, 1950. He died on April 2, 2013.
The AD HOC Singers
Sopranos Altos Tenors Basses
Hellen Gelband
Beth Kepp
Nancy Kolinski
Karen Lee
Julie Mack
Margaret Smith 
 Louise Bedichek 
Jenny Bland
Susan Lesser
Norma Meyer
Bonnie Temple
Mary Wadleigh
Tim Burr
 Brent Chivers 
Joe Kolinski

Martin Bernstein
Jim McElfish
Maurice Singer
 Jon Westergaard
Peter Wolfe

Louise Lee is a graduate of Smith College and Indiana University, where she received a Master of Music degree in organ performance, studying with Oswald Ragatz. Ms. Lee performs frequently as a piano accompanist. She is organist at Arlington Forest United Methodist Church. Ms. Lee has directed the Ad Hoc Singers since she founded the group in 1975.

The Ad Hoc Singers, an amateur chamber chorus devoted to traditional choral literature from the fifteenth through the twentieth centuries, has been in existence under the direction of Louise Lee since 1975. They perform regularly at churches and other locations throughout the area. Good sight readers interested in joining the group should call 703-538-2557 to set up an audition, or speak with Ms. Lee after the service.

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