Dominican Retreat
To Give to Others the Fruits of Contemplation

June 30, 2004
Ms. Louise Lee and the Ad Hoc Singers

Dear Louise Lee and the Ad Hoc Singers

The Sisters, Staff, and Members of the Event Committee extend a warm thank you for your participation in Celebrating the Arts on June 27th. Your choral singing resonating in our Chapel filled the event with joy and good cheer!

As you may know, Celebrating the Arts was the first event of its kind that we have held at Dominican Retreat and it was very successful. We introduced the House -- our retreat programs and facility for hosted programs -- to a new audience. Your singing helped to make all of this possible.

The day was magnificent -- those in attendance throughly enjoyed themselves. We are so blessed that you performed on our behalf.

May Dominican Retreat's theme for 2004 -- "Give me Wisdom ... that I may know what is pleasing to You" -- enter joyfully into your life.

S. Gail Battista
Executive Director

(Handwritten addition:)
You were simply great!

(A 2nd handwritten addition:)
Thanks! Nancy
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